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Chestnut-Lentil Pâté

December 23, 2011

Around this time of year, my dad get’s very serious about his chestnuts. (You know how it goes.) I was never a fan of peeling the chestnuts, so I didn’t get serious about my love for them till last Thanksgiving when I made Seitan Roulades with Chestnut Stuffing (and discovered the joys of things that come prepeeled). Considering how much of a fan I am of dips, I couldn’t help myself when I discovered this recipe in Veganomicon. I also came across their extensive dips section, so expect some curried carrots in your future. This pâté is rich but subtle, and unlike most vegan pâtés doesn’t have any mushrooms (not that I have anything against mushrooms!).[You’ll need a food processor for this recipe.]

Chestnut-Lentil Pâté

5 oz chestnuts (Get the prepeeled ones that come ready to use. Your life will be better for it.)
1/4 cup French lentils, cooked (You’ll need 1 1/2 cups water to boil. I like to prepare with 2 cloves of garlic, crushed.)
1/8 cup graseed oil
2 tbs fresh parsley
salt and pepper to taste

First prepare the lentils–combine with the water and garlic in a small pot. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 30 minutes, until almost all of the water is absorbed. You can try and remove garlic, but it’s fine to leave in as well.

Like I said, the trick is to not have to roast your own chestnuts (it’s difficult and, for some reason, more expensive). Anyway, throw them in the food processor with the lentils.

Pulse for a little bit and then throw in 1 tbs of the parsley and the grapeseed oil.

Should be nice and creamy and ready to spread. I like to use the additional parsley for garnish.

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