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What I’ve Been Cooking

December 24, 2010

Although I haven’t been blogging for the past month, I have been cooking and baking and occasionally even taking some photos. I will resume blogging tomorrow soon with a challah recipe (still working on it, will hopefully have something this week), but until then here are some photos (and links to the recipes I adapted). For some reason it’s a bit heavy on the tofu — but look out for some tempeh and seitan recipes soon.

This first recipe uses white miso paste and harissa for the dressing — two things that go together fabulously. The initial recipe calls for about a third of the amount of kale, but I like to add more to give it a bit more body. Plus I love kale.

I am obsessed with these next cookies. They have no sugar and are very peanut buttery which, it turns out, is the perfect combination.

I made this next recipe for my dad. He loves sweet and sour chicken, so I tried it out with tofu. It was fine, but I dont’ think I’ll be making it again anytime soon.

Here’s where I get tofu-centric. This next recipe uses a delicious lime glaze that really makes it pop. I combined it with some brussel sprouts and quinoa.

While there’s tofu in this recipe, the main ingredients are the quinoa and the pesto (and the kale of course). You can really use whatever you have around/is in season, so I played around with this as my base.

This last recipe is a great alternative to coleslaw — it uses the same base but instead has a peanut butter dressing and a bit of ginger tofu. Yum. I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

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  1. agoos permalink
    December 24, 2010 3:30 pm

    Your version of the squash salad looks way better to me than the original 🙂

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